Open Science: Best Practices, Data Sovereignty and Co-production


These materials reflect a collaboration between the Arctic Data Center, the Navigating the New Arctic Community Office, and ELOKA as part of our organizational commitments to raising awareness and promoting best practices in data management, increasing data literacy, and engaging the community in conversations about data governance. These materials are associated with a workshop presented as part of the Arctic Science Summit Week 2022.



This workshop is being held (online) on Tuesday March 29th at 1600 CEST, within the full ASSW programme.


CEST Topic Lead
1600 Welcome and Introductions Amber Budden (Arctic Data Center)
1620 Research Reproducibility Amber Budden (Arctic Data Center)
Tidy Data Best Practices Jeanette Clark (Arctic Data Center)
1700 Data Ethics Andy Barrett, Noor Johnson (NNA-CO/ ELOKA)
1730 BREAK
1745 Community Data Noor Johnson (NNA-CO/ ELOKA)
1815 Q&A / Discussion Andy Barrett, Noor Johnson (NNA-CO/ ELOKA)
1830 BREAK
1845 Tidy Data and Hands-on Exercise Jeanette Clark (Arctic Data Center)
1945 Q&A / Discussion Matt Jones, Jeanette Clark (Arctic Data Center)
2000 Adjourn

Land Acknowledgement

The circumpolar Arctic is the contemporary home to many different Indigenous Peoples. Wherever you may be participating in #ASSW2022, collectively we honor and recognize the place-based knowledge of Arctic Indigenous Peoples and their ancestral and contemporary stewardship of their homelands. In addition, we (the workshop organizers) recognize the rights of Arctic Indigenous Peoples to be involved in conversations about research related to them and their traditional territories (lands, waters, animals). We are committed to learning about how to implement Indigenous Data Sovereignty within our own institutions and in the trainings that we offer the Arctic research community.

Code of Conduct

Please note that by participating in this activity you agree to abide by the ASSW 2022 Code of Conduct, the NCEAS Code of Conduct, and the NNA-CO Guiding Principles.

About this book

These written materials reflect the continuous development of learning materials at the Arctic Data Center, NNA-Community Office and ELOKA to support individuals to understand, adopt, and apply ethical open science practices. In bringing these materials together we recognize that many individuals have contributed to their development. The primary authors are listed alphabetically in the citation below, with additional contributors recognized for their role in developing previous iterations of these or similar materials.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Citation: Andrew Barrett, Amber E. Budden, S. Jeanette Clark, Natasha Haycock-Chavez, Noor Johnson, Matthew B. Jones, Peter Pulsifer, James Temte, Karli Tyance Hassell. 2022. Open Science: Best Practices, Data Sovereignty and Co-production.

Additional contributors: Stephanie Hampton, Jim Regetz, Bryce Mecum, Julien Brun, Julie Lowndes, and Erin McLean.