8 Session 8: Wrap Up

8.0.1 Material to include:

  • Project Messaging
  • Methods / Analytical Process
  • Next Steps Project Messaging

Present your message box. High Level. You can structure it within the envelope style visual format or as a section based document.

Make sure to include:

  • Audience
  • Issue
  • Problem
  • So What?
  • Solution
  • Benefits Methods / Analytical Process

Provide an update on your approaches to solving your ‘Problem.’ How are you tackling this? If multiple elements, describe each. Present the workflow for your synthesis. Next Steps

Articulate your plan for the next steps of the project. Some things to consider as you plan:

  • The one-day workshop is January 24th
  • January deliverables include analyses and results
    • What needs do you anticipate for data / code support
  • Project funding ends May 2022